What We Offer

We offer sequencing, library preparation, and other services. Take a look at what’s available at the DSC, and then proceed to Getting Started to take the first step in your project.


We accept libraries prepared by you and submitted directly to us for sequencing. Use the table below to explore which instrument best fits your project – grey cells indicate available run modes and Illumina’s expected data output in gigabases.


To help our users take advantage of the low cost/gigabase on the NovaSeq, we offer NovaSeq flex service, where we let you use part of a flowcell, and run your project alongside other compatible projects. Please note, however, that this can increase turnaround time as we wait for other projects – filling up a flowcell with your own samples is your best bet for getting data back quickly.

Library preparation

We also offer complete library preparation services for a wide variety of sample types and analysis needs.



DNA-Seq (e.g. shotgun)
Illumina Nextera DNA Flex
Illumina Nextera DNA XT

NEBNext Ultra II DNA for ChIP
Illumina TruSeq ChIP-Seq

Tecan Ovation RRBS Methyl-Seq*

Amplicon sequencing
Illumina 16S rRNA metagenomics
Illumina ITS rRNA metagenomics
Illumina custom amplicon PCR
Custom CRISPR screen (single and dual guides)

Whole-exome sequencing
Illumina Nextera Exome*

Ribo-depletion RNA-Seq – stranded
NEB NEBNext Ultra II Directional RNA
Illumina TruSeq Stranded Total Ribo-Zero

mRNA-Seq – stranded       
NEBNext® Poly(A) mRNA Magnetic Isolation Module
NEB NEBNext Ultra II Directional RNA 
Illumina TruSeq Stranded mRNA
SMARTer® Stranded RNA-Seq Kit

Small RNA-Seq
Perkin Elmer NEXTFLEX® Small RNA-Seq Kit v4
Takara SMARTer smRNA-Seq

mi RNA-Seq
QIAseq miRNA

3' end-Seq
Lexogen Quantseq 3'mRNA-seq library REV

*Most kits listed here are kept in stock and available on-demand. For methylation sequencing, exome sequencing, and other methods not listed here, including Takara SMART chemistry, please contact us for a custom order. We're also happy to collaborate on method development for novel protocols.

Data distribution and storage

Sequence data are distributed on our servers as de-multiplexed compressed FASTQ files. Our default multiplex settings are trimming enabled, with 1 index mismatch allowed.

For users who are newer to NGS and bioinformatics, we recommend trying Illumina’s BaseSpace application. If you’ve signed up for an account, include your BaseSpace information on your Sample Information Sheet and we’ll upload your data directly there (timing dependent on network availability). This will allow you to make use of their many cloud-based sequencing analysis applications, including BWA, Cufflinks, TopHat, Velvet, Issac, RNAexpress, DNAstar, and FASTQC. Sign up and explore their toolset at Illumina.

Raw data (and samples) will be stored at the DSC for 3 months after project completion; demultiplexed fastq files are stored for two weeks.

Other services

Preparing libraries yourself but missing some key equipment? The DSC offers the following services:

  • DNA or RNA quantification: ThermoFisher Qubit (low-throughput) or Quant-iT (high-throughput), broad range or high sensitivity kits

  • RNA fragment analysis: Agilent TapeStation HS RNA ScreenTape or Bioanalyzer RNA Pico Chip

  • Library distribution analysis: Agilent TapeStation HS D1000 ScreenTape or BioAnalyzer HS DNA Chip

  • Library quantification: NEBNext Library Quant qPCR

  • Bead cleanups and size selection: MagBio HighPrep beads (Ampure XP equivalent)

Contact us about making use of other basic pieces of lab equipment (e.g. thermocycler, heating block, tube or plate centrifuge).