Donnelly Centre Research Excellence Award

posrdocsThe Donnelly Centre Research Excellence Award is presented to up to two Donnelly Centre postdoctoral fellows and/or research associates.

The award recognizes and supports those who advance the mission of the Donnelly Centre: to collaborate across disciplinary boundaries towards innovation.

Award value

  • $1,000

Application Requirements


  • Applicants must be supervised by a Donnelly Centre faculty member and must have been working as a postdoctoral fellow/research associate at the Donnelly Centre for at least six months. The applicant's supervisor/principal investigator must support the application.
  • Previous award recipients may reapply, but need to demonstrate that their research output differs significantly since submitting their last successful application.
  • Applicants working in the lab where they conducted their doctoral research must have spent more than six months as a postdoctoral fellow/research associate, and will need to demonstrate that their research as a postdoctoral fellow differs significantly from their doctoral thesis.
  • Applicants must be an active postdoctoral fellow/research associate at the Donnelly Centre at the time of application submission, and their application must feature work they conducted at the Donnelly Centre.