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Cell invasion in digital microfluidic microgel systems Figure 1

Latest feature: Cell invasion in digital microfluidic microgel systems

In this study, researchers used digital microfluidics to develop a novel in vivo-like microgel system for studying cell invasions. This system allows both imaging of extracellular matrix remodeling (an important aspect of metastasis) as well as collection of invading cell subpopulations for RNA-Seq, synthesizing the strengths of the two main existing tools for in vitro studies of cell invasion.

The study was conducted in the lab of Aaron Wheeler, based here at U of T in the Donnelly Centre. To establish the performance of this assay for yielding RNA-Seq data, and to compare expression between invading and noninvading cells, libraries were run on the NextSeq500 at the Donnelly Sequencing Centre.

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