Donnelly in the Media

A listing of select earned media stories mentioning the Centre and its researchers

March 2021

A "firefly test" for measuring the level of coronavirus antibodies in blood and developed by Donnelly Centre investigator Igor Stagljar and his team has been featured in the news:

February 2021

University Professor and Donnelly Centre investigator Molly Shoichet talked to The Globe and Mail about her startup company AmacaThera planing human trials of an engineered injectable gel for postsurgery pain treatment:

​​​​​​​Donnelly Centre investigator Tim Hughes and his team have discovered that the African coelacanth evolved dozens of new genes in its recent evolutionary history from traveling DNA passed on from other species:

January 2021

An interdisciplinary team of Toronto researchers led by Donnelly Centre investigator Gary Bader has found that brain tumour formation might be linked to tissue healing following an injury: