In the Media 2020

November 2020

Professor Molly Shoichet receives the Gerhard Herzberg Canada Gold Medal, Canada’s Highest Honour for Science and Engineering Research:


October 2020

Professor Sachdev Sidhu and his team's COVID 19- research is mentioned in a piece in Toronto Life's "21 reasons to love Toronto":

a cancer cell surrounded by immune T cells

September 2020

Research led by Professor Jason Moffat that identified the genes that allow cancer to shield from the immune system has been featured in the media:

August 2020

Professor Andy Fraser and his team have discovered a unique molecular mechanism that can be exploited to target gut parasites, featured in:


June 2020

Professor Mikko Taipale's team discovers how bacterial toxins evolve to cause new ailments:

dendritic cells and T cell

May 2020

Professor Jason Moffat's research on brain cancer immunotherapy has been featured in:

Professor Hannes Röst and his team help identify a metabolic signature that can predict diabetes years before symptoms appear:

Dev sidhu in toronto star

March 2020

Professor Sachdev Sidhu has received emergency federal funding to develop antiviral therapuetics for COVID19:

Professors Ben Blencowe and Jason Moffat's team develop a new tool for a more powerful and versatile genome editing:

January 2020

Researchers in Professor Ben Blencowe's lab uncover a gene fragment linking autism to mental disability:

Professor Gary Bader's research on molecular mapping of individual cells in the  human liver was featured in U of T magazine:

Professor Warren Chan's lab begins to unpick barriers to nanomedicine delivery: