In the Media 2019

September 2019

A mouse study led by Donnelly Centre investigator Cindi Morshead found that the diabetes drug metformin promotes brain self-repair but it only works in females and was widely featured in the media:

Listen here to Cindi Morshead speak to the BBC World Service's Newshour programme about her finding (starts at 18.48min) - the segment also aired on Texas Public Radio-San Antonio and Triple M Adelaide station in Australia.


August 2019

Donnelly Centre investigator Sachdev Sidhu's team creates synthtic antibodies that activate stem cells in the body to stimulate organ regeneration and which will be developed into regenerative medicine treatments by a new Toronto startup:


July 2019

Donnelly Centre investigator Aaron Wheeler develops microrobots for intricate cell manipulation:

June 2019

Donnelly Centre investigators and U of T professors Andrew Fraser and Amy Caudy discover a new way to tacke drug-resistant parasites:

evolutionary history

May 2019

Researchers in Professor Tim Hughes' lab find that dozens of genes, previously thought to have similar roles across species are in fact unique to humans:

Ben Blencowe and Molly Shoichet

April 2019

Researchers in Professor Jason Moffat's lab find that stem cells grown on different biomaterials exist in different molecular states with implications for therapy:

Professor Benjamin Blencowe and Molly Shoichet elected Fellows of the UK Royal Society:

Christopher Yip to Become New Dean of U of T’s Faculty of Applied Science & Engineering - U of T News

city crowd

March 2019

Professors Brenda AndrewsCharles Boone and Jason Moffat's perspective in the top journal Cell on why understanding interactions holds key for personalized medicine received media attention:

Researchers in Professor Peter Zandstra's lab descibe competition among stem cells growing in the dish from which the fastest dividing cells emerge:

worm c elegans

Research in Professors Brenda Andrews and Charlie Boone's labs begins to unpick genetic background effects:

Researchers in Professor Derek van der Kooy's lab used worms to study learning and memory in granular detail:

January 2019

Postdoctoral alum Michael Garton, now Assistant Professor at U of T's Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering, recounted on national news the climbing accient that left him paralysed and kicked off a career in research:

Michael Garton on CTV News