In the Media 2017

December 2017

Antibodies developed in the Donnelly Centre are the driving force behind a new form of immunotherapy for cancer which received $62-million USD in funding for further development:

November 2017

Ontario government appoints Molly Shochet as first Chief Scientist:

Gary Bader explains the findigns of the largest study of breast cancer genetics, which his team was involved in:

Watch Andy Fraser talk about latest breakthroughs in biomedical research on CTV Toronto

October 2017

Gary Bader was part of a major international effort that discovered new genetic variants that increase breast cancer risk:

Student from Warren Chan's group tried on the colourblind glasses and wrote about their experience:

August 2017

Molly Shoichet outlines five way of getting more women into STEM:

A feature on the collaboration between Sachdev Sidhu's team and partners in India that aims to develop better and more affordable drugs:

July 2017

Mikko Taipale on why he chose to come to Canada to start his lab:

June 2017

Brendan Frey on how genomic medicine can help stave off genetic disease

Watch this video of Brendan Frey, in which he talks about the potential of genomic medicine:

Listen to Sachdev Sidhu speak about the high cost of drugs for rare genetic diseases on CBC Radio1's The Current .

  • Read the story transcript here.

An interview with Molly Shoichet in Israeli media:

Charlie Boone is using simple yeast cells to begin to understand the complexity of life:

May 2017

Donnelly Centre alum Radha Chaddah brings to light the beauty of cells in an art exhibition:

Fritz Roth has a way of finding harmful mutations before they are even discovered in patients:

Ben Blencowe's work on autism features in AutisMag, a Deal With Autism publication:

Molly Shoichet wins prestigious Killam Prize for engineering:

​​​​Brenda Andrews and Charlie Boone's teams develop a deep learning algorithm to keep track of the cell's moving parts:

April 2017

Igor Stagljar launches new Toronto startup:

Andy Fraser and Peter Roy's face a major global health challenge to find new anti-parasitic drugs:

Deep Genomics startup co-founded by Brendan Frey is featured in The New York Times.

ExCellThera startup co-founded by Peter Zandstra wins award:

Quaid Morris gave interview to CBC Radio One's Metro Morning on how artificial intelligence can shape medicine:

March 2017

Donnelly Centre investigator Derek van der Kooy talks about his career, from grad school to seminal stem cell discoveries, in this RawTalk podcast:

A spotlight on the Centre for Commercialization of Antibodies and Biologics, which is led by Donnelly Centre investigator Sachdev Sidhu:


February 2017

Donnelly Centre investigator Andy Fraser weighs on a controversial discovery of reversible cell death:


January 2017

A seminal discovery of retinal stem cells by Donnelly Centre investigator Derek van der Kooy featured among stem cell breakthroughs:

Cancer research by Donnelly Centre investigator Igor Stagljar features in Croatian media: