Giving Opportunities

Every researcher at the Donnelly Centre will tell you that their work is accelerated because of the uniquely powerful ecosystem of discovery and innovation at the Donnelly Centre. The Centre’s open concept space, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and its sheer concentration of leading thinkers result in inspired and collaborative research efforts. Nurturing and building this remarkable and results-driven community is our most urgent priority.


Funding for leadership positions will ensure that we continue to boast some of the top minds from around the world in key positions:

  • We seek support to create a Named Chair for the Director of the Donnelly Centre. This Chair will attract a leading global researcher and administrator who can drive coordinated research and academic strategies.
  • Leadership support will also create several Chairs in key areas of research activity.

Funds are also required to create an Innovation Fund that will allow the Donnelly Centre to respond nimbly to emerging research directions and to support promising investigators at the outset of their careers—a particularly necessary investment in this field considering the enormity of many of the research challenges and the need for research continuity across generations. The Innovation Fund will support:

  • a Catalyst Award to inspire ground-breaking research ideas;
  • New Innovator Training Awards to attract quantitative scientists to biology including physicists, mathematicians and computer scientists;
  • a Think Tank that will extend the Donnelly Centre’s international stature and influence by inviting global scholars to twice-yearly conferences on interdisciplinary biomedical research.

For any questions, please contact Mark Pereira, Director, Research Operations & Strategy.