Jan 18, 2022

Effect of P2Y12 Inhibitors on Survival Free of Organ Support Among Non-Critically Ill Hospitalized Patients With COVID-19: A Randomized Clinical Trial

Jeffrey S Berger, Lucy Z Kornblith, Michelle N Gong, Harmony R Reynolds, Mary Cushman, Yu Cheng, Bryan J McVerry, Keri S Kim, Renato D Lopes, Bassel Atassi, Scott Berry, Grant Bochicchio, Murillo de Oliveira Antunes, Michael E Farkouh, Yonatan Greenstein, Erinn M Hade, Kristin Hudock, Robert Hyzy, Pooja Khatri, Andrei Kindzelski, Bridget-Anne Kirwan, Lisa Baumann Kreuziger, Patrick R Lawler, Eric Leifer, Jose Lopez-Sendon Moreno, Jose Lopez-Sendon, James F Luther, Lilia Nigro Maia, John Quigley, Robert Sherwin, Lana Wahid, Jennifer Wilson, Judith S Hochman, Matthew D Neal, ACTIV-4a Investigators
CONCLUSIONS AND RELEVANCE: Among non-critically ill patients hospitalized for COVID-19, the use of a P2Y12 inhibitor in addition to a therapeutic dose of heparin, compared with a therapeutic dose of heparin only, did not result in an increased odds of improvement in organ support-free days within 21 days during hospitalization.