schoolboys in a donnelly centre lab

Donnelly Science Day

Our goal is to support science education beyond the classroom and inspire the next generation of scientists.

Donnelly Centre principal investigators, researchers and graduate students are happy to provide support beyond the call of duty by generously volunteering their time and expertise to the program.

Middle and secondary school students are invited to the Donnelly Centre for day-long classroom visits that involve:

  • Tour of the Donnelly Centre labs and facilities

  • Hands-on experiments in research labs

  • Research, demonstrations and workshops

  • Lectures by Donnelly Centre investigators

  • Q&A sessions with graduate students

  • Group discussions

During visits, students gain exposure to a number of research areas including stem cell biology, functional genomics, bioinformatics, bioengineering, chemical biology and more. Students learn the basics of DNA and see first-hand the animal models many of our researchers use to study human disease.

Watch this video for a glimpse into a science day at the Donnelly: