Tinder for Proteins: New Tool Sheds Light on the Rules of Molecular Attraction

Study reveals unexpected diversity in the ways proteins bind to their partners, with implications for understanding the molecular roots of disease.
Sep 7 / 2017

Meet the Winners of the 2017 Cecil Yip Doctoral Research Award

Ten PhD candidates who come from diverse training backgrounds, and are enrolled in different U of T graduate programs, have been awarded the Cecil Yip Doctoral Research Award, the award committee has announced. The prestigious award is given annually to first year graduate students who do their doctoral research in the Donnelly Centre and whose proposed projects extend beyond traditional scientific field boundaries.
Aug 17 / 2017

Targeting Tumours: Donnelly Centre Researchers Investigate Biological Barriers to Nanomedicine Delivery

For cancer patients, understanding the odds of a treatment’s success can be bewildering. The same drug, applied to the same type of cancer, might be fully successful on one person’s tumour and do nothing for another one. Physicians are often unable to explain why.
Aug 9 / 2017
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