Professor Christopher Yip chosen to head international partnerships

Professor Christopher Yip, a leading researcher in the field of single-molecule biophysics, has been appointed the University of Toronto’s first associate vice-president, international partnerships.
Mar 31 / 2017

Penney Gilbert leads international team to study how physical stress turns on genes in stem cells

Can you activate a stem cell by squeezing it? A new international collaboration led by Professor Penney Gilbert aims to find out.
Mar 27 / 2017

New Hope for Parkinson’s as Elusive Proteins Come to Light

Study reveals a breadth of new drug targets for neurological conditions and opens the door to a greater understanding of the way in which common medications work.
Mar 15 / 2017

Meet Shrey Sindhwani, an MD/PhD student in the Chan lab

MD/PhD student Shrey Sindhwani is passionate about achieving a better understanding of how nanoparticles travel through the body and finding solutions to the barriers they face, in order to ultimately improve treatment of diseases such as cancer. Writer Tabitha Chan speaks with Sindhwani to learn more about what the process of research is like and his interest in bioengineering and cancer nanomedicine.
Feb 24 / 2017
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