Molly Shoichet at TEDxToronto: The Future of Medicine is Personal

A Decade of Breakthrough Discoveries

Henry Krause’s team turn zebrafish into a powerful tool for finding better drugs, faster.

Recent publications

High-Resolution CRISPR Screens Reveal Fitness Genes and Genotype-Specific Cancer Liabilities. Cell. 2015 Nov 25;163:1–12

Panorama of ancient metazoan macromolecular complexes. Nature. 2015 Sept 17;525:339-344. 

RNA SPLICING. An alternative splicing event amplifies evolutionary differences between vertebrates. Science. 2015 Aug 21;349(6250):868-73.

Natural Variation in Gene Expression Modulates the Severity of Mutant Phenotypes. Cell. 2015 Jul 16;162(2):391-402.


Driving Innovation in Medicine

Discoveries made in basic science are the foundation for all future progress in medicine. Emerging genomic and stem cell technologies hold the promise of personalized treatments that are tailored to patient’s unique genetic makeup and physiology. Through our collaborative approach, the Donnelly Centre is in a position to make breakthrough discoveries in biology and to lead the world in advancing personalized medicine.

Your gift to the Donnelly Centre allows researchers to explore new and innovative ideas that will transform our understanding of biology. It supports discovery that will unearth the cause of human disease, advance diagnosis and disease detection, create personalized therapies, and reverse injury through regenerative medicine.

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