Winners of the Jennifer Dorrington Graduate Research Award Announced

It’s not often that a graduate student develops a diagnostic test, which can accurately predict outcome in patients with leukemia, and which could soon become a staple tool in the clinic. But then again, Stanley Wai-Kwong Ng is not an ordinary student. A graduate of computer and electrical engineering, Ng came into cancer research as a novice— and took it by storm.
Feb 7 / 2017

First Complete Interactome Map of Human Receptor Tyrosine Kinases and Phosphatases Revealed

University of Toronto scientists have uncovered more than 300 drug targets in cancer, attracting interest from the pharmaceutical industry looking to develop more precise treatments. Led by the Donnelly Centre Professor Igor Stagljar, the study maps interactions between receptor tyrosine kinases (RTKs) and protein tyrosine phosphatases (PTPs) in humans, which can lead to cancer when their functions are disrupted.
Jan 5 / 2017

One Protein's Sweeping Influence on Autism Revealed

As many as a third of autism cases could be explained by a scarcity of a single protein in the brain, Toronto scientists have revealed. The findings provide a unique opportunity to develop treatments for a disorder that is rooted in a motley crew of genetic faults.
Dec 15 / 2016

Donnelly Teams Sweep National Funding Grants

Five Donnelly Centre teams have won Genome Canada’s Disruptive Innovation in Genomics grants in support of research projects totalling more than $6 million. The competition was set to boost development of technologies that have a potential to transform and speed up the commercialization of biomedical discovery.
Dec 9 / 2016
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