Through the Looking Glass: Scientists Create Mirror-Image Molecules to Develop Better Medicines

Donnelly Centre researchers have developed a new technology for creating more durable disease-fighting molecules which could lead to drugs with longer-lasting effects.
Jan 29 / 2018

A Simple Cell Holds 42 Million Protein Molecules, Scientists Reveal

Donnelly Centre scientists have finally put their finger on how many protein molecules there are in a cell, ending decades of guesswork and clearing the way for further research on how protein abundance affects health of an organism.
Jan 17 / 2018

New Cancer Immunotherapy in the Making Thanks to Antibody Engineering Technology Developed at Donnelly Centre

A new therapy that enhances the body’s ability to fight cancer has received a $62-million (USD) boost thanks to Donnelly Centre's antibody engineering technology.
Jan 3 / 2018

Professors Michael Sefton and Molly Shoichet Inducted into the Order of Canada

University Professors Michael Sefton and Molly Shoichet have been named Officers of the Order of Canada, one of the country’s most prestigious recognitions. The new appointees were announced last week by Governor General Julie Payette.
Jan 3 / 2018
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