schoolchildren visiting DOnnelly Centre

Kids Science Programs

Instilling curiosity and a love of science in our youngest citizens.

Teachers, if you are interested in bringing your elementary or high school classes to the Donnelly Centre to learn about biomedical research through age-appropriate lectures and hands-on activities we would love to hear from you! Drop us an e-mail at



Our scientists are passionate about showing younger generations how exciting and powerful science can be – how by using your mind you can discover something new about the world and try to make it better.

At the Donnelly Centre, researchers study everything from microbes to stem cells using custom built robotics, powerful databases, and high resolution microscopes. Having all these tools and ideas in one place allows for discoveries to be made that were previously unimaginable.

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girls doing experiemnts in the lab

Donnelly Science Days


Book your classroom visit to the Centre and have your students experience what it's like to be a scientist.


boy holding a research vial during visit to the Centre

Bring Our Children to Work


Open to all Donnelly Centre employees with children in grades four and up.

a girl and a boy posing with lab equipment

Science Rendezvous


An annual country-wide celebration of science taking place on the first weekend in May. Visit our booth on St George street for fun biology facts and hands on activities.