Missed the Donnelly Centre Retreat? Here are Some Highlights

donnelly centre faculty and trainees in front of the queen's landing hotel in niagara-on-the-lake (Mikko Taipale).
May 16 / 2018

Amy Caudy’s Quest for Metabolism’s Missing Links

Professor Amy Caudy, pictured in her donnelly centre lab, seeks to uncover new enzymatic pathways in cells.
May 3 / 2018

Lab-on-a-chip Delivers Critical Immunity Data for Vulnerable Populations

Christian Fobel, Alphonsus Ng and Julian Lamanna run blood tests on their portable lab-o
Apr 26 / 2018

Genome Jenga Study Reveals Unexpected Gene Alliances in the Cell

The largest study of its kind sheds light on how genes work together to keep cells healthy, paving the way for predicting a person’s risk of disease.
Apr 19 / 2018
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